Thursday, 22 August 2013

Catwalk reality check

Catwalk high-end fashion may as well not as exist in my world because myself and most women I know can't afford it, nor would we wear such out-there clothing. So this article today put a smile on my face - some catwalk style for real girls for a change.

Read about the 11 most wearable outfits from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney here. xx

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The five W's of white

Many of us think white shoes should only be reserved for the big day walking down the isle. Open your wardrobe and you might find shoes in black, tan, neutrals and all colours of the rainbow, but white probably remains to be seen. Thankfully, trend-setters are turning the tables in time for spring and summer!



The perfect white shoe is ideal for complementing a busy patterned outfit like geometric and floral. Often we reach for a nude tone in this situation. White can also add to an already simplistic outfit, for example navy pants and a nude blouse or denim jeans and a marle grey tee.

Whenever! It's true white shoes go better with outfits in the warmer months - but don't completely shy away from some white pumps in winter. Just don't go out in the mud.

No rules apply...but maybe not your best friend's wedding.

Because you owe it to your wardrobe. Owning even just one pair of clean white stems opens up a whole new world of opportunity instead of reaching for black, tan or nude.

and what the?
Avoid white shoes that are too strappy. There's plenty around but this can easily achieve a tacky look. And I prefer not to pair white footwear with a block bright colour, especially red. And white plus diamantes = stripper pole.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Why you should get wider

I'm a huge fan of wide-leg pants and still have my Sportsgirl flares from about 7 years ago. Benefits? The flattering illusion of smaller frame above and comfort. They're also a great option for girls that dislike skinny jeans. Whether it's print, denim, linen or silk, you can create a relaxed yet sophisticated silhouette for any season.

Flared jeans are timeless and flattering and great with wedges. For a casual look team with a printed tee or for a dressier feel try a blouse and blazer combo.

Silk wide-leg trousers are the ideal alternative to a maxi dress for a wedding or a nice look for work too. For a relaxed look team with strappy sandals or chunky heels to dress them up.

There is a secret to wearing printed palazzo pants and that is to let your bottom half do all the talking. A simple tee or blouse is essential and plain accessories like a chunky bangle is ideal.

Some gorgeous examples of where to buy each of the above. xx

Monday, 19 August 2013

Tick tock!

It started as a way to keep time but today watches are also a fashion accessory. There are so many kinds for such cheap prices, you can afford one for every outfit. I haven't worn a watch since my school days but have recently considered investing in a time-keeper to fancy up my wrist. Check out these blingy bargains which include a bracelet wannabe ($152 Guess), the boyfriend style ($163 Nixon) and bold colour (Oasis $36). All from ASOS. xx

Friday, 16 August 2013

Celeb inspo.

She's Johnny Depp's new squeeze and it's no wonder. Her taste in clothes is as good as her taste in men. Channel Amber Heard's style with these few purchases all under $100. xx

Bardot Asym Tee
Genie Blouse
ASOS Pencil Skirt

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Thirsty for a Thursday purchase?

Honey to the Bee dress by Paint It Red. Wear with a blazer for the evening or denim jacket for the day.

$54 at markethq

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Where's the rest of your shirt?

There's a right way to crop your top this season and hider go seeker is here to help. Of course, if you've got abs of steel then feel free to flaunt those ripped muscles as much as you like and ignore all of the below. Personally, I prefer to show just that subtle sneak-peek of stomach. There are so many crop tops to sort through; long sleeve crops, bandeaus, sweaters, tanks and more! Here we've got some suggestions for all occasions. xx

It's a date - a bandeau is a really cute way to amp up the hotness factor when you're meeting with "that" special guy or girl. Or maybe there's no-one special and you just want to flirt up a storm on the town.

Casual dinner - a long-sleeve crop with high-waisted jeans and heels/wedges will satisfy this occasion.

Shopping and errands - grab your fave tee and tie a knot in the front to pair with your boyfriend jeans or maxi skirt. A cropped box tee is an alternative.

Casual meeting - try a long sleeved crop with high-waisted pants.

Cold day out - use your crop sweater as a layering tool to keep warm but look cool.

Office job? Avoid the crop and put that belly button away.

ASOS $27

Sportsgirl $34.95

Cameo $99.95

Bardot $49.95

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The final touches

Springspiration is to go completely bangles and pile up that bling on your wrist. Kookai agrees and below is just some of the many they are stocking in the coming months. How to stack? Check my tips below.

Choose bangles of a similar tone or select colours that complement one another.
Different textures and styles create an interesting look.
Metallics are really popular right now - embrace it and mix with pops of colour!
Before you go out and spend $ on six new bangles, check out your existing collection, you might already have a few pieces you need to create the right look. xx

Monday, 12 August 2013

Clog comparison

I recently purchased the leather Sportsgirl clogs for $99.95 and I am in love! Like the look but not the price? Try the synthetic Spurr pair for less than half the price ($39.95) at The Iconic xx



Jumping for joy!

Jumpsuits are the perfect alternative to a maxi dress and I am eyeing off this beauty in this month's InStyle magazine. Unfortunately at $550 it's way out of my budget! So I've been investigating some more affordable styles. xx

InStyle's $550 wide leg jumpsuit




Saturday, 10 August 2013


The art to layering is to making sure it doesn't make you appear bigger than you really are. Turns out, layering can actually complement your shape or help to create a shape you would like to be. I have borrowed some of these tips from Lauren Conrad who knows her layers.

  • Starting with a basic, lightweight top in either a solid, neutral or stripe is layering 101. Keep this under-layer fitted.
  • Your next layer should be a soft cardigan or sweater and if you feel like standing out, it's a chance to mix in a bold colour to give the outfit more depth. If you're wanting to blend in, choose a more neutral colour, but still try to keep it different to the tee underneath.
  • Next, grab your coat or jacket off the rack - and keep this colour basic.
  • If it's a little chilly outside, add a woollen scarf to keep snug. During the warmer months, try a lighter cotton scarf.
  • Add accessories are you are done!
  • Oh, and don't forgot some pants.
My personal suggestions for layering is to dare to be different and try layering a shirt over a skirt with a pull over and ankle boots. If you're feeling a little "baggy" - grab a belt to cinch in your waist. Also playing with different textures will help to break up the outfit. See below for some cute layering items you can purchase online now! xx

Old friend denim jacket - markethq - $89
Cropped rib detail jumper - ASOS - $63
Striped dip back hem top - Bardot - $29.95 (on sale)
Peace faux leather pants - Princess Polly - $65

Romping around

My budget buy of the week? This red romper from missguided for just $45. If you need a quick shopping fix that won't break the bank, browse this site!

Friday, 9 August 2013

All things white

Some girls tend to shy away from white, but it's popping up everywhere leading into spring so it's time to embrace it - you just need to know how:

Choose a shade
that suits your skin tone. For those with cool skin tones, it's best to work with classically bright white. Warm skin tones including those girls with a great tan or even fair-skinned ladies - as long as there are yellow undertones - should embrace cream or ivory whites. Olive and ebony shades look best with ecru.

White that clings to your body may not be ideal for girls who are conscious of their lumps and bumps.

Check the white for its coverage. You can only get away with see-through white over swimmers, on a beach. Otherwise consider wearing a slip underneath.

White isn't just a summer colour. Play with contrasts by throwing a white winter coat over a colourful outfit, pair a textured white dress with a black coat and black shoes or go bohemian by pairing your furry vest with a long white maxi and ankle boots.

Don't overdo it. If you're wearing a white summer dress, accessorise with silver, gold or a splash of bright colour. Not white shoes and a white handbag. Blue denim, black and tan shades also work well with white.

I love pairing white with black leather to give that softer look mixed with a bit of grunge. xx

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Going the distance

Today my colleagues and I were discussing the fact that we can pretty much wear anything to work in our role as journalists, as long as we look presentable. Which also raised opinions about wearing a piece of clothing to work, then it falling into the "work-wear" category and no matter how nice it is, not wanting to wear it outside work hours. The only real way to overcome this separation in your wardrobe is to make more of an effort with your work get-up so the clothes still have that appeal to wear elsewhere. Great ways for transitioning between work and the "real world" is mixing your clothes with different items. xx

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Panel pushers

I'm drawn to items that include some form of panelling and if you pick the right kind of panels - you can shave a few kilos off with an illusion! If the black runs along the sides with another colour in the centre, it can really help curvy girls look smaller, if they wish to. These items below range from $16 to $140 and can all be found on ASOS by searching for "panel". xx



Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I like big bags and I cannot lie

Have you heard the bigger the bag the smaller the butt? It's something I learnt recently while watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (can you believe how educational this show is?) There is an actual "science" behind this theory. It's all about using proportion and scale to distract from things like big butts. It's a trick I've noticed on celebrities like the Kardashians and Jessica Simpson, and hey, who doesn't love a big bag? You can fit everything that you don't need in there. I imagine big hats, sunglasses and chunky shoes might also do some other body parts a few favours. xx