Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Quick colour

Need a quick and cheap way to brighten your life? Why not start from the bottom and grab some colour for your feet? These three budget buys were in this week's NW magazine. xx


Making nautical look cool rather than camp and cliche can be a challenge. I am drawn to stripes and have more stripey pieces than I'd like to admit. Nautical looks are typically a colour combination of navy and white with red. However, I think red can often be too predictable (especially a red lip) and instead it's nice to branch out with pink, orange or yellow. Avoiding nautical type accessories like a necklace with an anchor is ideal - you're trying to attract a sailor here, not repel one with corny style. xx



My nautical picks:

Elle and Emme $159
Bardot $69.95
Stripe Tee $39

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Denim dilemma

Want to follow the denim shirt trend but don't want to look like a cowgirl? I've been checking out how. I'm yet to purchase a denim shirt because every time I try one on it just doesn't feel right, but I've seen some girls rock the look without a hint of yeeha. Here are six ways you could try:

Try these bargains, all under $100! xx

ASOS $24.53

Forever New $69.95

Sportsgirl $89.95

Monday, 29 July 2013


Sale picks of the week. xx

Shakuhachi scarf tee dress
was $230 now $110
Sportsgirl structured cotton blazer
was $129.95 now $89.95
Mossman stark differences tunic top
was $89.95 now $60

When spots met stripes and other tales of pattern clashing

Forget the rules - mixing patterns is done better when you go bold. I've seen plenty of cases where ladies think they're living on the edge by clashing patterns but instead they look more "matchy matchy" than ever before.

Here is a rule you might find online I think you should completely ignore. Why? Because it's boring:
Use patterns from the same colour family.

Here are some suggestions that might help the pattern-clashing helpless:
Combine patterns of different scale and density; and
Include neutrals and solids to break up the patterns.

Some of my suggestions (all items sourced from ASOS):

Are you really brave/nuts? Add this:

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Check your checks

This week I bought the Cotton On Giselle Shirt - worn below by Lara Bingle and myself! xx


Friday, 26 July 2013

Obsession confessions

My clothing obsessions change from week to week but these are three things I am hunting out right now. An irregular hemmed skirt, sequins and a long tee to go with my leather-look Kookai leggings.

Here are some of the many I am eyeing off for purchase. xx

Bardot boyfriend tee $29.95

Maurie & Eve Intense split skirt $149.95

Tobi Madison Sequin top $41

Bradshaw highlights

Best Bradshaw ensembles... xx



Thursday, 25 July 2013

A keepsake

If you can only afford one item from the new Keepsake collection, do yourself a favour and make an impact by choosing the Just a Memory long-sleeve dress in fluro pink. It comes in black too - but I say be brave and go bright! We all know you don't need another LBD to add to your already bursting collection. xx

Trackie dacks reinvented

No fashionista I know had anything to do with it but track pants have undergone a transformation - the kind that are now acceptable in public for occasions other than exercise. I'm not completely sold but there is certainly an emerging trend of "lounge-wear" that seems to cross-over from indoor to outdoor fashion. Personally, if they're not fleecy, old and baggy I won't be rushing out to buy a pair. The below were found at market hq (Finders Keepers), Sportsgirl and ASOS (Whistles). xx

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I want a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket.

There are some girls I admire for being able to show off their legs and breasts at the same time - but for me, it's one at a time please. If I'm parading a mini or shorts, my top half is typically covered. When the cleavage is running the show, my pins are tucked away. I find this rule is probably applicable for most ladies past their mid 20s still wanting to show off but not give it all away at once. Here are some beautifully "balanced" outfits that make the most of legs. You can find the third look at Sabo Skirt xx

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

How to wear your boyfriends

If you're doubting the boyfriend jean trend, then you're well within your rights to question it. I mean, boyfriend clothes are usually worn to bed or around the house for comfort only. I've taken my Forever New boyfriend jeans for a spin here and there, and through trial and error I've learnt the only time they look good is with heels and a cute top. Flats are a disaster in the making for these baggy pants. Please don't. Or at least, don't where anyone will see you. Some ticks of approval below. xx

Virtual window shopping

Anyone also addicted to virtual window shopping? I am completely in love with online shopping but what I am even more obsessed with is window shopping online. Websites that allow you to add items to cart and save them until you're ready to buy are my favourites - ASOS is perfect for this shopaholic behaviour. Tonight I counted how many things are in my ASOS saved items and it's just shy of 50! If you aren't already into this form of looking but not buying (yet), then get on it. The best thing about the ASOS saved items is that it updates the prices so when you scroll through you can see what has dropped in price since it was added. This is usually when I strike and purchase something for a whole lot less than when I first saw it. Here's just a taste of what is in my cart right now. xx


Monday, 22 July 2013

Temptation. Inspiration. Admiration.

Fashion ideas, like any ideas, don't just appear from thin air. And even if you don't like to follow the trends, it's nice to stay in the know to keep your style inspiration fresh. I get my fashion ideas from magazines, social media, television, shopping (online and in store) and people watching. My latest outfit creator is InStyle magazine. It's the first magazine I've picked up in a long while that I haven't just flicked through in less than five minutes then thrown away. If you're looking for a new read, check it out. xx

Mix it up

I read recently that Teresa Palmer is into pairing high-end fashion with low-end - her example was a Stella McCartney jacket with Topshop pants and a white tee. This is something I also love to do, even though my purse doesn't quite stretch as far as Palmer's "high-end". And I doubt she buys her low-ends from Cotton On. When splashing out on expensive items, I try and choose classic pieces I hope to continue to wear for at least a few years. If I might only to wear it for one season I think twice before paying too much. Sometimes the "I need this" thoughts win over, but it's a good rule of thumb if you can manage! xx

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Ball on a budget

Need a wow factor dress for a formal event but have less than $200 in your wallet? Sheike is a great store for a purchase like this. While the pieces are mass produced and not always quality fabric - they're lovely designs and perfect for that one-time event where you want to look gorgeous for less. Another advantage? Sheike embraces the 21st century and has an online store.

Moulin Rouge dress $179.95

Friday, 19 July 2013

Add a little sparkle

One way to brighten up your winter wardrobe - especially if you're like me and gravitate toward mostly black, white and grey - is to add some sparkle. Sequins, metallics and lurex fabrics are really popular right now. I've done the detective work and picked three pieces which are great options. Some are even on sale, like the 2nd Day Night Trouble Blazer $348.65 $192.72 and the ASOS singlet with dip hem in metallic $31.54 $14.02 - both available here. xx

2nd Day Night